Chloe Negron 

The Washington Post's Weather Illustrations on Mobile, Desktop, and in Native Apps

I spent 3 weeks in 2014 working on the Capital Weather Gang's offical icon illustration set (started by the amazing Kuan Luo!), adapting each illustration to The Washington Post's mobile app specs for iOS, Android, mobile web, and desktop experiences.

Because of the varying form factors, viewport constraints, and operating systems, this project required me to reproduce each vector in Illustrator and then run batch scripts to resize them by viewport need. I managed the production of this process to standardize each asset and the overall design aesthetic. This project's greatest visual challenge was in establishing enough of a consistent stroke weight to preserve the strength of each form when scaled small.

These icons are still used in The Capital Weather Gang's forecasts in print, as well as digitally on the homepage each day and throughout each app:

The full set, shown @2x:

Selections at 1x:

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