Chloe Negron 

In 2014, the Post's flagship iPad app was overhauled to provide users with the best possible experience for all types of content. Using a modular layout system and the performance enhancements of iOS 7, I created a user experience designed around content parity with, so users would intuitively understand the biggest stories of the day in each section, regardless of caching issues or time of day.

The UX was an homage to the daily habit of flipping through a newspaper while drinking the morning coffee. Each module corresponded to an area of the screen, much like in newspaper design, with support for immersive experiences and a fluid grid. This structure enabled editors to autonomously assign a news hierarchy to the content in the app, so that our users could quickly grasp the most important stories of the day in each section.

The visuals played to the best parts of the visuals and UI in iOS 7, with simple, deliberate negative space to increase legibility throughout the UX.

Check it out in the App Store.

Copyright 2018, Chloe Negron