Chloe Negron 

The flagship Washington Post for Android app was the first device-agnostic app from The Post. We wanted users to be reminded of a traditional newspaper's section front reading experience, regardless of the size of their device. This app was designed to be supported by smartphones and tablets alike, so the layout grid would need to be fluid and ambitious.

Android KitKat users were likely to read most content in portrait, though the ergonomics of the smaller gaming tablets meant that some users would be more comfortable reading in landscape, with the 16:9 aspect ratio perfect for thumb swipes. The 10" tablet had just hit the market, as did the 7", and no two Android KitKat users were alike. To achieve the layout-focused goal, I created a percentage-based grid module system that mapped to each device's individual viewport dimensions. Using JSON, my development team and I created our own numerical system for identifying each screen size, and adapted our JSON styles accordingly.

This app was featured in the Google Play Store as one of its spotlight apps upon launch.

As Android evolved, so did we, and the current version of this app is available today, though it bares little likeness to its OG form. Check it out in the Play Store.

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