Chloe Negron 

Redesigning & Rebranding CHART RRG and began in August 2016, when the leadership team of CHART RRG, a medical malpractice insurance company for hospitals, based in Pittsburgh, PA, approached nclud for a brand refresh. For the nine months of our collaboration, we used design thinking methods to define the KPIs for the rebrand, and then used those success indicators to measure out the user needs for their member dashboard platform.

To begin the rebrand, we focused on CHART's existing brand asethetic, which was outdated, clunky, and uninformative. The logo mark's form referenced a hospital cross, which was clever, but its lack of contrast did not translate well at small sizes or digitally. Its website aesthetic used similar visual styles, so it lacked balance and clarity, and was not 508 compliant per modern accessibility standards:

To begin the rebrand, we held branding workshops with the key internal stakeholders to develop a common language when talking about brand tone and voice, and from there, we explored moodboard styles.

After moodboards were refined, we began the ideation process for a new company name, logo mark, and tagline. This process was a collaboration between the design and copywriting team. We conducted focus groups to inform our choice of name and logo mark during this process.

We then refined our rebrand to focus on a refreshed version of the existing company name, so the designs focused on only using "Chart":

From there, the logo with the compass needle in the "A" was selected, and we continued to refine its color usage per the evolving brand color palette.

Finally, we solidified the final logo and taglines in all their forms:

And as for the web redesign and the refreshed site aesthetic I mentioned earlier, it all came together pretty seamlessly:

See it for yourself.

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